Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's Like a New Addition to the Wardrobe

The office Christmas dinner was the 17th. I like to get something new and Christmasy for this event. In the past, we've gone to some rather ritzy restaurants, where jacket and tie and sequins and velvet were the rule over Christmas. This year, we decided to go a bit more casual and chose Claim Jumper. I had never been there.

Now, I really can't afford new clothes. I have more than I really need now and my money is better spent being applied to other things. But the desire for something new at Christmas is very strong.

I was cleaning and chanced across a laundry basket that held a few items. I stumbled across some items that said "Dry Clean Only" on them. Dry Cleaning takes money, money I don't have. I remembered reading that some dry clean only items can be washed in the delicate cycle of a washing machine. I looked at the sweaters. I think the reason they were dry clean was all the trim on the front. If I turn them both inside out and put the setting on delicate, I should be able to wash them. I dug out my padded hangers for hanging them up in the bathroom to dry.

Viola. It's like I have two new sweaters. I found a jacket down in the pile that I also washed. This isn't for a lot of dry clean only items but I think, for these sweaters, it's perfect. I did go get a pair of brown twill pants to go with this sweater. I can use a pair of brown twill pants for work and they were on sale. I wore this with a red turtleneck.

I was overdressed.

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