Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Days of Christmas-An Alternative

Every year, someone wants to know how much it would cost if you actually sent someone all the gifts in the traditional Christmas song, "The 12 Days of Christmas". PNC Wealth Management has been calculating the total price for 20 years now and has produced a really cool animated short with this years total. The final day, where you have to send your true love all 12 gifts would set you back $24,263.00 this year, and that's assuming you can find 8 maids who know how to milk and the cows to go with them.

So, in the interest of trimming your costs, I have devised my own "12 Days of Christmas" which is much more cost effective.

"On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree." According to PNC, that will set you back $15. You need to have room for a small tree and a live bird. In the spring, the tree could go in your yard, assuming you have a place for it. The partridge? Well, most cities have laws against keeping things like partridges in your yard so perhaps you can find a zoo that will take it. Plus, it's also against the law to release an animal like a partridge into the wild. This gift is more trouble than it's worth, especially considering you need to send your true love 12 of them.

What could be a worthy substitute. Let's go with the bird theme here and send your true love peacock feathers. Aren't they lovely? You can get a dozen peacock feathers for $13.95 plus shipping from Cat Claws. I've purchased a lot of cat items from them over the years. It started with their scratching posts and has continued with peacock feathers and toys. If you're going to send your true love a gift every day, then you are way ahead with the feathers. One box gives you enough feathers for the 12 days.

Plus, if your true love has a cat, the cat will love these. Trust me.

Total cost, with $5.99 shipping and handling, $19.98 versus $180 for the partridges in a pear trees.

Come back over the next 11 days and see what other goodies I have found for you which will save you thousands of dollars and not clutter up your true love's front lawn.

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