Tuesday, December 6, 2011


On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, five gold rings. 

In the summer, I watched the price of gold daily, hourly, in an attempt to find just the right time to sell my gold jewelry. Today, this hour, gold is selling for $1,710 an ounce. That is down from when I sold my rings in August. It's still a lot of money. PNC calculated 5 gold rings at $645. I'm making the assumption these were plain gold bands, probably not 24 carat. As this is the day 5 gift, you'll need a total of 7 days worth of gold rings, 35 total. (At least it's better than birds.) That's a pricey $4,515 for 35 rings. Does your true love wear that much bling?
I have a better suggestion. Gold covered chocolate coins. They represent the gold and we haven't had chocolate yet.

I found a web site, Foiled Again, whose only commodity is chocolate coins. Talk about a niche market. I poked around. You can design your own top and bottom to the coins, and they do custom designs, in 7 different foil colors with dozens of designs. The chocolate is 100% Belgian chocolate. They also do casino chips in chocolate.

The best part is the coins are only 18 cents each. You can splurge here. Let's get your true love 5 coins, one for each ring. You'll need a grand total of 35 coins. That's going to set you back, before taxes and shipping, a whopping $6.30.

At that price, you can afford to find a gold ring and toss it in just for good measure.

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