Friday, August 12, 2011

Soliciting Opinions

I'd like your opinion, dear readers. Obviously, I no longer wear the jewelry to the right. I have several other rings that I don't wear anymore and probably won't wear in the future.

Gold stands at 1,740 per ounce as of right now. I assume this is dollars but it might be pennies or M&M's or pieces of cat food. It was kind of hard to read and make sense of the charts at the sites I visited. August 10th, gold was at 1,800, but this is a nice price.

I am debating. There are a number of independent sites that explain the gold buying and selling process. "What does 18 karat really mean and how much of that is real gold?" It will involve math, but I can figure out close to what I'd get if I sold all the gold stuff I have. Plus, there is a jeweler on the way home who has a good reputation in the community for having fair prices. I wouldn't be using $34 worth of gas to get some place.

Yet I waffle. These rings represent a chapter of my life. That chapter is closed and will never be reopened. Yet thinking about walking into the jeweler down the street from the office and selling these causes all sorts of ambivalent feelings to arise. Should I or shouldn't I? Carole said she never liked the look of the engagement band so saving them for her is not an option. I have some rings with other semi-precious stones. I don't know that the stones are worth much, but the gold in the rings possibly is.

Hence, I am turning to my readers. Sell or no sell? Even if the gold market goes down a bit, I might still get enough from all the jewelry I don't wear to buy a full tank of gas. What a concept! Help me out here.

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  1. Last night on the news there was a segment on selling gold. Overall advice was if it's sitting in a drawer collecting nothing but dust you should sell it and put the money to work. Also if you're looking to buy - look into silver it might be undervalued right now (and is a lot cheaper than gold)