Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 11- The Book that made you fall in love with reading

I'll always remember this as the first book that made me realize this reading stuff was wonderful.

This is a very simple story. Johnny goes bear hunting and finds an orphaned cub. He brings the cub home and proceeds to raise him, not realizing what a fully grown bear needs. There is a happy ending which I won't give away. This book could have qualified for one that I read again and again and again because I do remember checking it out of the library multiple times. Yes, I own a copy.

Lynd Ward illustrated this book as well as wrote the story. He is considered to be the father of the graphic novel having published 6 novels beginning in 1929, whose story is told only via engravings. The Biggest Bear won the 1953 Caldecott Medal for most distinguished children's picture book. I think that's why I was drawn to it. The illustrations are deep and rich and full of detail. The prose is simple and tells a story but the illustrations make that prose come alive. There is one illustration in the book that is kind of scary so if you are looking for a children's book and chance upon this, page through it. The bear with the honey might be a bit disturbing to young children just because of the perspective.

This has always been my favorite children's book that I can remember. It's still in print and well worth it to add to your library. Oh dear, I'm recommending a book. I said I wouldn't do that.

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