Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 16- Favorite book turned movie

The Lord of the Rings trilogy would fit here nicely too, but as I've already used them, I decided to pick something else.

I remember how we were all so worried about the adaptation of this book. It's impossible to get all subplots into a 2 hours movie. I know people who were peeved with Peter Jackson leaving out Tom Bombadill in the LotR movies. You have to make executive decisions on what you keep and what you leave out.

I think we have been pleasantly surprised by how well all the movies have been done.

I haven't read beyond Goblet of Fire. I admit it. I got involved in other books and Harry Potter is down in the pile waiting for me. I also haven't seen any of the movies beyond the Prisoner of Azkaban. Some day.

I feel this series is a good example of how working with the author yields a good movie. You can't always do that, but having the an author who understands you only have 2 hours to tell the story means the important parts are emphasized and some of the side plots, which add body and depth to a book, can be left aside. This series and its movies probably did a great deal to excite kids on reading.

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