Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Before it got too hot outside on Saturday, I did some clean up.

I estimate at least 3 bags of yard waste in that pile.

I was able to hold onto the loppers and use them without pain in my hands. So, I cut back the one tree that was bent over the deck and trimmed back the tree branches which were covering the deck on the south side. Then, I went around the deck and trimmed back some of the brush that has grown up. I could only work the loppers for about an hour before my hands started to hurt, but I'm taking this as a good sign that I'm slowly getting better. There is a slight worry that I'll still have problems in the winter when I need to be able to shovel. No blizzard, please, this coming winter.

Zeke mowed the lawn Sunday morning and added to the pile. My neighbor to the north showed me a large branch that had snapped off the tree that is in the NW corner of my lot, where his meets mine. He's going to have it hauled away. Technically, it's not really in any danger of damaging anything other than his fence, and he's not all that concerned about the fence, but he said he'll hear it from his wife so he best get it done.

We noticed more small branches snapped off at the top of trees surrounding our houses. They aren't big and maybe the next strong wind will knock them down. Nature's fury, when viewed by the damage to the trees, is quite humbling.

It's supposed to be a reasonably nice weekend upcoming. This is good for the Ale Fest on Saturday, but I'm thinking I'd like to take down more of the volunteer trees I have around the property. I don't have the funds to get the stickers to have it hauled away, but I can make a pile and work at bagging up the debris when I have the cash for yard waste stickers. I felt a sense of accomplishment having done this much when I couldn't before.

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