Friday, August 26, 2011

Time For Another Batch

There are two dozen ornaments in that pile. This marks the first batch done. I'm very pleased with how they turned out. 

This is the perfect thing to do for an hour or two after getting home from work. I can work on dishes and, while a load soaks, stitch and stuff ornaments. Or, I toss a load of wash into the machine and while it washes, stitch and stuff. My lap is reasonably open for Pilchard to come sit down in it when she has a mind to. 

On Wednesday, I sat down to stuff a bunch and noticed something in the bag of fiber fill. Yes, it's very dead and desiccated, but I don't think it crawled in after I opened the bag. It has me a bit worried about other bags of fiber fill. I read today where one of the most notorious world grain pests was found in a bag of rice at customs at O'Hare. I remember, some time ago, reading that agents catch roughly 80% of the foreign plants and animals that come into the country. I'm hoping this was an American bug that didn't make it and not a foreign bug. Although it didn't make it, the fact that it was in the fiber fill is enough to give me pause. I dropped it onto a piece of paper and stepped on it to further make sure it was deceased. 

Tonight I did a head count of approximately how many ornaments I think I want. The tally is up to 60. I started to cut out the next batch. Laying material out on the table assures that I will get "help". 
I had to wash this again as she had left too much hair to successfully remove with a lint roller. Once she got off it, I folded it up and put it on top of my sewing chest where she won't sit. I don't want to wash it between stitching groups of ornaments. 

Tonight I cut, if my counting was accurate, another 27 to stitch. This is a great project for me. I can sit and pin the trim around a bunch of these. I put up the recliner and elevate my knees. It works great. I stitch a bunch, then stuff a bunch. It feels good to see the pile growing. 
For sure, I have more than enough left to make my 60 ornaments and then some. The weekend is filled with errands and the start of heavy duty cleaning in anticipation of company at the end of September. When cleaning gets to be too much for the knees, I can fall back to the ornaments. 

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