Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A "Snack". Right.

I give myself a lecture before every grocery shopping trip. I must stick to the list. Adding impulse purchases blows the budget and costs me down the line. But, no matter how strict I inform myself I must be, things find their way into the cart. That's how these snack bars came home with me.

They were a new product and on sale, 2 boxes for $4.00, to try them out.

A serving size is one bar. Right. That may be what it says on the box but that's not how it is in real life. They were hard to get out of the sealed wrapper so I wound up cutting the top off. You can see the small bits of pretzel and the white chocolate on the bottom and contained in the bar. They are really good.

Not buying them again unless they are on sale for that really cheap price.

Lasted 8 hours. (sigh)

Beverage:  Edinburgh's Finest tea


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