Thursday, August 11, 2011


I'm not quite sure what I will do with the lanyard and the VIP tag. The shirt I have had for some 20 years. I made that. It seemed to be the appropriate shirt for a festival involving beer.

This is a nice, heavy, glass which everyone got for tasting. On the back side is a line marking 3 ounces. You could have less but you couldn't have more at one time. In the time I was there, I never heard the unmistakable sound of breaking glass as one of these was dropped. Maybe that happened later or maybe it didn't happen at all. This is something I'll hang on to. It's very good quality.

We VIP's got a tee shirt. I really need another tee shirt like I need bubonic plague but they did not skimp on the shirt. These are heavy duty cotton with a well printed design. Sometimes, these festival shirt designs can peel as you're walking out to your car.This is going to hold up over several washings.

We got VIP on the arm...

and the slogan on the back. A few people were wearing their shirts over what they had come in. Most people were carrying their shirt around. I used mine as a towel to mop off my sweaty brow. They checked you in and crossed off your name when you got your tee shirt.

I hope each year's tee shirt is just a little different, not that I'm looking to add to my shirt collection. It's just that if you wind up attending something for a long time, it's nice to pull a shirt out of the closet and think, "Oh yeah, that was the 4th annual festival because the shirt was yellow."

This souvenir I could do without even though I know it's necessary. I hate these things. Invariably, I put it on either too tight or too loose. Then, when you get home, the only way to get it off is to cut it off. VIP's got green bands while general admission was red.

I didn't go to get a tee shirt and a glass. I went to try something new. These are, however, nice items to get for forking out more money to come early.

Beverage:  Earl Gray tea


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