Saturday, December 4, 2010

What a Difference a Week Made!

On the 22nd of November, I was running around without a jacket. In fact, I was rather warm.

On the 29th of November, it was a bit cooler. I went from no jacket to my Iowa Hawkeyes "Starter" Brand jacket, the down filled one that makes me feel like, Vim, the Michelin man, in the span of a week.

Oh well, it is the Midwest. This is the end of fall and the beginning of winter. And I really wouldn't enjoy living year 'round in a place where the temps are always the same. I think I need that cold bracing air. There's nothing like inhaling it on a crisp January day and feeling as if you've just frozen any virus that dared take up residence in your body.

Plus, you can't have a white Christmas without temperatures cold enough to freeze dry the rain.

Beverage: China Black Tea


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