Friday, December 17, 2010

For the Comfort of the Cat

I got home later than usual last night. I was waiting for someone from corporate to call back. He said, "I'll call you right back" and then didn't. In talking with others, I'm given to understand this is normal for him. It nets me an hour of overtime but I'd rather be home. Then, I had to stop for gas, which delayed me further. The house was dark when I backed into the drive.

After getting the mail, welcome home ear scratches and obligatory evening treats, I start dinner with a couple of shadows. Once they see that I'm not making tuna anything, they wander off. Pilchard goes to the settee in the living room. Mija hangs out near the kitchen table in the kitchen lest something edible show up. It didn't. I made mac and cheese for supper because I was tired and this was all I could muster.

I eat my supper and head to the home office to work on my finances. While cruising through the living room, I start to shut off lights. I'm not going to be out here, why have them on. I get to this light next to the settee and turn it off. Instantly, there is a rather large meow of displeasure from the occupant of the settee. I stood there for a moment. She meowed again and again. It was not a happy meow. If you live with cats, you come to recognize tone in the meows. I turned the light back on and she curled up to go to sleep.

Of course, I had to document this and she meowed at me when I took her photo. I maintain my home for the comfort of the cats. Forget about me. I'm just there to fluff the blanket and provide the treats.

I wonder what the light provides. It's too far away to be heat. Shakespeare used to lie on the back of the sofa, under the light in the winter but you could feel the heat from an incandescent bulb. Night light? She doesn't complain when I turn everything off for bed. Diva? Well, yeah that could be part of it. Who knows.

It was just rather funny to get 'yelled' at by a cat.

Beverage:  tea. I used up a couple of bags


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