Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Watcher in the Woods

Part of my job involves setting up equipment for clients. My company has a policy that you aren't allowed to mention it on social networking sites or in blogs so I'll just say my job involves some travel about the Chicagoland area to provide services to clients.

On this particular day, November 24th, I was out and about setting up equipment. This location is adjacent to two forest preserves.

As I pulled up to the equipment's location, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I always have the camera with me now because you never know what you can see and this camera is more portable than the previous one. Plus, it turns on faster.

I whipped out the camera as I was getting out of the car to get the equipment. I'm parked by the side of a road so there isn't much room to stand. Hence, it was a somewhat quick shot. It was also cold, with a 30 mph wind and I just wanted to get the equipment and get back into the warm car.

The deer watched me walk away to get the equipment. When I came back, about 2 minutes later, it was still there which is when I got this shot. As I came around the car to get into it, the deer took off, so I'm glad I got this shot.

Usually, it's nosy neighbors or dogs that watch us, never the wildlife.

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