Thursday, December 16, 2010

So You Don't Have To

With all the equipment we're going to need for this large project Mike, Jon and I looked at yesterday, our shop is working overtime to get everything built and shipped to us. 10 boxes came yesterday and we anticipate several more deliveries of that size.

While it's their job to satisfy the equipment needs of the company, we want them not to hate us for the work load. Plus, if I need a favor for an emergency, I want them to look upon doing that favorably. Hence, I am not above bribery. Five POUNDS of "rations" are going UPS to them today.

And, if I'm going to buy candy for the shop, I might as well get some for the office. And what do you know. M&M's are on sale at Walgreens. Oooh! Cherry Cordial! Let's try those.

This morning, while looking for something else in my desk drawer, I saw the bag of Hershey's Cherry Cordial Kisses. These are a limited edition. I think they are available through Valentine's Day but, after that, you don't see them until November for Christmas. Because I'm the wonderful person that I am, I thought I would give you a comparison of them so you don't have to go to the expense of buying a bag of each and spending the night eating them in front of the TV.

Buy the Hershey's kisses if you want a gooey center and intense cherry cordial flavor. When you bite into a kiss, the soft cherry center oozes over your tongue. Hershey's milk chocolate is a different flavor than M&M's. It's been characterized as more "bitter". It's just in the formula. The combination of chocolate and cherry is exquisite.

Buy the M&M's if you want something you can carry around and eat on the go. M&M's have more of an artificial cherry flavor and are sweeter. There is no oozing of cherry flavor, no intense burst. Rather, the chocolate and the cherry are mixed in perfect harmony. I wish they would have opted to make this a regular flavor, rather than pretzel. I'd also like to see this paired with their dark chocolate M&M's. I'll bet eating one of these and one of the dark chocolate M&M's is an experiment I should undertake.

Actually, you can't go wrong with either. I'd buy M&M's for portability and the Hershey's for those evenings spent watching Christmas movies. And if you don't eat the whole bag, I'll be happy to take the rest off your hands because, well, what are friends for?

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