Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Love These Kinds of Nights.

After an overnight of 4 inches of snow, changing to freezing rain and drizzle and temperatures that went up during the day, fog developed as I was heading home for the evening. I love these kinds of evenings in winter. The heavy overcast had blotted out what would be weak sunshine anyway and it surrounds any lights, blurring the edges. Sound is reflected back down as well as partially muffled. And the air has a unique, crisp, smell to it as snow melts and goes from a frozen to a gaseous state with almost no time spent as a liquid.

I should go out later tonight, before bed, and take photos of neighbor's Christmas lights. I'm sure flights are hugely delayed at the airports and the street lights look surrounded by gray batting. It's the kind of night that Santa would need Rudolph's services, for sure.

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