Tuesday, December 14, 2010

$4.06 Left

Normally, I wouldn't think of going to Starbucks as it's heavy on coffee beverages and I don't drink coffee. But the gift card Patt gave me for my birthday has sent me there quite frequently. I mentioned the good hot cocoa I had the first time I used it. Well, I've found something better than hot cocoa. I know you're shocked.

They currently have a Carmel Apple Spice drink. It is hot apple cider topped with whipped cream, drizzled with caramel. The Starbucks at the Target near me shook cinnamon over that. When I jokingly said, "Wow what else can you put on this, chocolate sprinkles?", they would have if they hadn't been out of them.

Oh my. It is wonderful. So, after a morning spent in and out of the cold, on the way back from the city yesterday, I stopped, ON PURPOSE, at the Starbucks near the office just to get one of these. They had chocolate chunk cookies available so I had to get one of those as I had not had my daily chocolate allotment yet.

Totaled up and subtracted, I have $4.06 left on the card. My plan is to get one more, what is it, "venti", is that the biggest size, which will be covered by the card. Then I'll have change left. I can afford a small one after that and pay cash. That means I will have squeezed 5 and a fraction drinks, one slice of cake and one cookie out of this gift card. Now that's value.

Sad part is this drink is only available during the holidays. Once January hits, it's gone. That's okay. It will be a fond memory that I can look forward to next December.

Beverage:  Water


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