Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The weekend included trips to the grocery. I headed out of work early on Friday because of the impending snowstorm. When I left the office at 3, the weather people were predicting 4-8 inches of snow. As I was down to chocolate chips, All-bran and beef broth, I knew it was going to be a chunk of change to restock the shelves.

I had posted before about being out of eggs and unsure how to get my promised free ones. I went to this web site I supposedly signed up for. A little poking around and, well what do you know, there are my free eggs. It's actually, now that I've spent a couple hours in the site, quite easy to use. I click on an offer and it gets "loaded" onto my Dominicks card. You all have these things. I have one not on this fob. I have to register it online and I keep forgetting to do that.

So, I load up my "Fresh Values" card and head over to the grocery on Friday. I spent over $100 but I got my free eggs and replenished the pantry.

I'm always skeptical of the receipt claims that I saved x number of dollars because I used my card. It's quite dramatic when the register rings up a final bill of $150 and then they apply your card discounts and it drops like a stone. It's an emotional pat on the back that you maybe did shop well. Still, I did get some things for very inexpensive prices and they were things, like pasta, which I use. And yes, the eggs were free.

I contrast that with the Whole Foods run on Saturday, in the snow. I got fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, flour, cereal, bulk raisins and cranberries and frozen peas and carrots. None of that stuff is discounted or free with $10 purchase. It's all organic so I feel that although the price is probably 10-15% higher than buying at Dominicks, it's better for me. Maybe I'm kidding myself but some illusions I want to keep.

I wound up spending more than I had budgeted for, but what I also did was buy for a full month. I shouldn't need groceries beyond incidentals until January. To me, that's a good plan.

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