Thursday, April 29, 2010

A near D'oh and a very much YAY!

It's Thursday and, in the wee hours of the morning, I get delivery of milk and water. If it's been a restless night, I have heard the delivery. Pilchard sometimes sleeps on the table against the window so I wonder if she see the delivery. She's caught the eye of the pizza delivery guy. "Oooh nice cat!"

Anyway, I don't need milk right now but with Carole coming next week, ice cream would be nice. It's so hard to decide from the myriad of flavors, what would be nice to have in the freezer. As I have whittled the stored bottles out of the fridge, I find that I'm down to ice cream toppings, a lot of ice cream toppings. Why do I have 2 bottles each of caramel and butterscotch? There is, as you would expect, only one bottle of chocolate and it's about half gone.

I made, back in November, a chocolate ginger spice cake, sliced it and froze it. In the clean-up after baking the cake, the scent and taste of the little bit of batter left in the bowl made me wonder what I was thinking when I decided to try this recipe. Now, frozen and unthawed, it is delicious. I top the cake with one of the toppings and a dollop of whipped cream. It's rather rich so I can only eat one slice at a sitting. I did think ice cream would be a nice accompaniment.

Carole has asked for Italian meatloaf for dinner one night. A cake with ice cream would make a nice dessert to go with this. I ordered two kinds of ice cream, Dulce de Leche and Chocolate Chip. I'll have to go through the recipes I have for the proper cake but even just ice cream with toppings and whipped cream would be satisfactory.

When you order ice cream, you get a bag with a container that holds dry ice. It used to be that ice cream was hand delivered. Your doorbell was rung whenever the driver happened to deliver to let you know ice cream was in the box and needed to be handled. But that method still didn't guarantee your ice cream wasn't soup when you got to it in the morning. They have insulated boxes, which had a wasp nest in it until I took care of that yesterday. That is only marginally better. This new method is far superior. It even lasts until noon because you left the house and forgot to bring in the ice cream.

Yes, dear reader, I forgot. At about 8:45 in the morning, my brain kicked the side of my head and reminded me that I had not brought the ice cream inside. I couldn't get home before 11:30 so I was expecting some oozing of the product. Nope. The ice cream was still hard as it sat in the insulated bag with the dry ice container on top of them. It is now safely inside the freezer for next week.

From there, I nipped on over to Subway. As I said, I'm cleaning and part of the kitchen was last night's task. I spent nearly 2 hours scrubbing. When I was done, the last thing I wanted to do was cook and mess it all up again. So, I had the last of the leftovers. This morning, I had toast. I must cook tonight since there's nothing to eat in the fridge but I'm on top of the dishes now. I decided I could afford, since I had a coupon, a trip to Subway.

Lo and behold, they have Dr. Pepper. Maybe your Subway has always had Dr. Pepper, but the closest one to me has not. Well, that just made my day. My meal was less than $5.25 and they have Dr. Pepper. Yes, it is the little things that make a day happy.

Beverage: um...see above


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