Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have this idea for a blog post. Although I will just type, I think the post looks better if I include an appropriate or semi-appropriate or maybe not appropriate at all photo.

I always carry my palm-sized Nikon Cool Pix camera with me. You never know when you'll see something which is inspiring, silly, phenomenal, beautiful or simply unique and worthy of a blog post. That happened this afternoon. I dig my camera out of my bag and go to take a photo and the camera says the card needs to be formatted. Well, I know that formatting the card is going to erase the two photos I have on it. But they are the kind of photos I can stage again so, okay, I'll format it.

The camera can't. So I plug the download card into my office computer and the computer says the card has to be formatted. Okay, just do it. Stop with the prompts. Um..."Windows cannot format this card."

I suspect this means the card I got with the camera many years ago is now toast. Yes, yes. I know Target sells these cards and I can get one with oodles (technical term there) of memory for peanuts. But I don't have peanuts, pennies maybe, but certainly not enough of those to pay cash for a new flash card. I have one more card. When it goes, I am out. I hope I can wring enough pocket change from the expense check coming next week that I can get a new flash card.

I guess this is the impetus for digging in the years of photos I have and firing up my scanner. I'm sure I can find some photos which, with a little editing, can work for blog posts. Hmmmm, where's that one of my family roasting hot dogs over a burn barrel?

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