Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Know Where He Lives

Last Saturday, some of the neighborhood parents organized a large Easter egg "hunt". They used the lawns of three houses across the street and tossed the bright plastic eggs all over. You can see a lot of people turned out. Not all of these people live on my block. These were friends and family of the people who organized the event. It was windy and chilly but there was a lot of laughter.

I kind of miss doing that with a small child.

We used to hide the eggs in the house. As I'm not fond of hard-boiled eggs in the first place so we didn't do the colored eggs much. I'd just have to toss them because we didn't eat them. It is a waste.

When I was growing up, we colored eggs and mom would turn them into deviled eggs after we found them. Dad would take 2 or 3 deviled eggs in his lunch so there was never a worry they would spoil. The other benefit to plastic eggs is if one doesn't get found, you don't smell it in a few weeks. That is the worst. "What's that smell.....oh no."

We did Easter baskets and hid plastic eggs, usually inside because outside was chilly. Plus, the tradition has you finding eggs on Easter morning and we had church so I wasn't hiding eggs in the yard at 5 a.m. because we had to be to church for sunrise service. A cat would sometimes decide the plastic egg was great for chasing around the living room, particularly if the egg contained jelly beans or some small item that made it rattle.

So I watched, with a smile, from my doorway as parents and kids enjoyed streaming over the lawns gathering brightly colored eggs and I remembered Carole's giggles.

For those concerned that the Easter bunny might not make it out and about, I provide proof that he's just fine.

He's resting up.

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