Saturday, April 10, 2010

Low On Treats

To the left is all I have remaining of the kitty treats Val gave me when I adopted my girls before Labor Day. This container was filled to the top AND I had another 2 cups of treats in a paper bag.

Seven months later, I'm looking at maybe a couple dozen and then I'll wash this container out and find another use for it. I don't give them treats every day, every other day is the norm. Mija follows me into the kitchen at every opportunity to see whether meowing loudly and being underfoot will get another couple of treats out of me. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Pilchard comes if I shake the container.

So, I'm looking for other treats they will eat for when these are all gone. I had a coupon for these: Buy one, get one free.
They like them although Pilchard has to see Mija eating hers before she will dive in. I'm going to need to go to the store this upcoming week as these are smaller and it's hard to measure out a comparable amount to both. I know they aren't, but I envision them sitting around after I've gone to sleep saying, "I got 6 pieces of treats. How many did you get?" "6!? I only got 5 this last time. I'm going to have to turn on the sobby meow in the morning. That is so unfair."

And, after 7 months of trying, the food dishes, today, made it to the kitchen.
Yes, they are underfoot and I know I will kick either the food or the water or both while stumbling about, bleary-eyed some morning. That is a lot of food in the dishes for them, but I wanted them to feel I wasn't skimping as this is a monumental occurrence. There is, no longer, a dish of food and a dish of water in the hallway. I want them to eat in the kitchen and they have adapted to a month of my working the dishes slowly down the hall, through the living room and into the kitchen. I'm hopeful of peaceful eating.

Beverage: China Black tea


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