Friday, April 16, 2010

Front Door Smiles

Soon, the real thing will blossom.

When I was growing up, below my bedroom window was one of two huge Persian lilac bushes. They usually bloomed right before Memorial Day, right after school let out, just as the days and nights took on a summer tone. The heady fragrance of lilacs would fill my bedroom at night. I would take my pillow and dooze on the windowsill, just breathing in that scent. To this day, lilacs remain my favorite flower and favorite scent. I will go out of my way in May to smell a lilac bush. I don't care for the Miss Kim variety of lilacs as their scent is too spicy. Give me an old-fashioned Persian lilac's intoxicating fragrance.

There are times when I wish one could get lilacs to bloom all year 'round and you could walk into a florist in December an purchase a branch with blossoms on it. But that would make it as ordinary as anything else a florist sells. By keeping lilacs a 2 week explosion in May, Mother Nature assures me they are rare and meant to be smelled when they do show up.

There are buds on the bushes in my yard. Blossoms are coming.

Beverage: Ginger Ale


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