Friday, April 16, 2010

A Couple of Things I Like

It's been hard to find even a sliver of rainbow amongst all this rain but I'm trying. I've discovered a couple of things that I rather like.

I'll start with juice. I've been a fan of V8 for a long time. It's a tasty blend of vegetables and really is a good way to get those vegetables during the day. I like this small can size as it's easy to pack in lunches. I may drink tea or water during the day but a can of V8 is a great pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon when I might otherwise want chocolate.

I'm not sure about pomegranate juice, however. I've had it on a couple of occasions and it's been kind of tart. Perhaps it was mixed with something but I wasn't very sold on drinking that. Plus the cost for pomegranate is far higher than plain old apple juice.

There was a coupon in the paper for a dollar off a 6-pack of V8 Fusion. That kind of coupon will make me look at something as a possibility. I enjoy having juice in the house so, why not. I can take the cans to work if I like the taste.

Yes, I do like the taste. Health food web sites will remind consumers that "high fructose corn syrup" is in some juice and that makes it no different than soda pop. That stuff may be "all natural" but it's an intense sugar and shouldn't be consumed in quantity. And just because it says 100% juice also doesn't mean it's 100% of the juices listed on the front. This juice lists apples and grapes first as do a lot of juices. Apples are cheaper to grow than blueberries so they are used as filler juice. It's juice, just not in the quantity you might expect by the name on the front.

Still, it's juice and it does contribute to my desire to consume more fruits and vegetables. I won't buy this unless I can get it on sale with a coupon. The full price cost does not justify having it on the shelf.

The other item I'm liking right now is this cleaner from Dow.
The big buzz word is "green" and you'd be a fool to underestimate the consumer's demand for more environmentally friendly products. This bathroom cleaner is witness to this. I like scrubbing bubbles. They get rid of the soap scum and the rust spots and make the bathroom sparkle. But they also cause my allergies to explode. I was down to a small amount of scrubbing bubbles and saw this on the shelf. It was cheaper than the scrubbing bubbles were with their coupon. I guess I can try it.

It's been great. I have to scrub a bit harder but it does exactly what scrubbing bubbles did. The label says no bleach, ammonia, phosphorous or dye. It does have a scent which still causes me to have to leave the confines of the bathroom and run the exhaust fan for an hour between cleaning the shower walls and the tub. If they could do away with the smell, I could clean my bathroom in one fell swoop without having to leave because I'm coughing. The fact that it was less expensive than a synthetic cleaner makes it doubly good. It did a very good job on my tub/shower. I just have the floor to wash now and the whole bathroom is clean.

Those are quite disparate recommendations but I pass them along to you.

Beverage: Ginger ale


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  1. See if you can find old orchard 100% juices -- I get them at Marc's and they're usually a blend of two juices plus Aronia berry juice -- no grape or apple (unless that's one of the ones on the label) and cost is usually $2 a bottle here (of course you're probably in a costlier area)