Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Can't Get There From Here.

Welcome to spring when daffodils, crocus, tulips and street cones blossom. "Street cones"? I don't see those in my Michigan Bulb Company catalog. You won't because they are those cones or barrels set out to close lanes on the street you just traveled over an hour ago. And why isn't there anyone actually working in the closed lane?

The road in front of the office is a main east-west arterial, Route 38. It starts in Dixon, Illinois and run straight east. For the geographically challenged, east of us is a rather large body of water called Lake Michigan. If it did not end at Lake Shore Drive, it would go straight into the lake about where the Shedd Aquarium stands.

It was completely rebuilt many years ago, from the sub-base to the new surface, from Ardmore Avenue in Villa Park to Nicole Way in Glen Ellyn. The Glen Ellyn part is concrete. It's falling apart. They have tossed asphalt patches in the holes over the years, but it's not survived very well.

Beginning April 8th, this section is to be fixed. The holes are to be squared and new concrete poured. New expansion joints will be added and curbs and gutters replaced. They are starting with the section in front of my office.

It was fine on Monday. Yesterday, I went to Iowa to replace a machine which wasn't working. This morning, I plan to be in early, to assess what I need to do since I was not here yesterday. The back up from where two lanes go down to one was 3 blocks long at 7:45 a.m. I sat through 3 light changes before I could make a left turn onto 38.

The other annoyance is that 5 years ago, we were told we could not park on the east side of our building. The buildings to our east were sold and that parking lot is owned and maintained by another entity. Our building owner owns the west lot. While the east lot has multiple entry and exit points, the west lot has one, off highway 38. If we aren't allowed to park on the east side of our building, getting out of our parking lot is going to be a joke and a half, particularly when they start actual construction of the street. Right now, it's simply cones closing one lane.

I sat through 3 changes of the light to make a left turn onto highway 38 to head east. Then I sat through 3 changes of the light a half-block from the office as people "merged" or blocked the intersection because others wouldn't let them merge, you know what I'm talking about. I finally said, "This is nuts" and made a right turn to go around the building. I'm parked on the east said. That's just tough. Until this project is finished, it's where I'm going to park.

Welcome to the season of road construction. Don't even ask how to get into Chicago from the west. Right now, you can't do it. I have to get kitty treats after work. I think I need Dr. Pepper after all this, too, assuming I can get to the grocery.

Beverage: Chocolate Hazelnut tea


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