Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A List

One of my curious friends asked what was in that basket of cologne in the post down below. I made a list.

The blueish purple box: Soir de Pairs parfume
1 big bottle Clinique Happy Heart
Jovan Musk
Davidoff Cool Water, 1 big bottle and 1 little bottle
Avon Vanilla Musk (white top bottle)
Norfolk Lavender Cologne
Smith and Vandiver Lilac Perfume
Bath & Body Works Tangerine Spice Body Splash
Bath & Body Works Peony Body Splash
Avon 5th Avenue
Clinique Simply
Avon Sheer Essence Perfume
Avon Apple Blossom
Avon Regence
Estee Lauder Youth Dew Perfume
Avon Moonwind
Avon Topaz
3 small sample bottles of Clinique Happy
1 small sample bottle of Clinique Happy Heart
Jessica McClintock
Avon Fragrance Pen-Pearls

Samples of:
Ralph Lauren Blue
L'Air du Temps
Armani Diamonds
Chanel Chance
Calvin Klein Truth
Calvin Klein Her
Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom
Escada Into the Blue
Armani Code Sheer
2 Clinique Happy Heart
Clinique Happy
Escada Sunset Heat

Make up brushes and a bag of nail stuff, like emery boards, etc, that I got as a free gift when I bought my Clinique face items.

My senior year in college, I sold Avon. I lasted about 9 months and decided this was not for me. Now I wonder just how much of what I have you can still get. And where did I put those extra bottles of cologne I seem to remember I have but they aren't on the dressing table?


Beverage: Chocolate Hazelnut tea


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