Thursday, April 1, 2010

Very Minimally Famous

I read an online blog about World of Warcraft, They cover all aspects of the game I play. At the beginning of March, they had a column note how they were looking for people to join their "Guest Blogger" program starting with the daily "Breakfast Topic" column. In this column, someone poses a question for the general audience. These topics can be serious or silly, thoughtful or dumb, downright ridiculous or heartwarming. In order to participate, you had to join the SEED writing program.

I read over the program's requirements and signed up. I submitted my topic and waited. Low and behold, yesterday, I received an email from one of the staff writers congratulating me on my submission. Floored doesn't quite cover it.

Breakfast Topic: I threw that away, d'oh

This Breakfast Topic is brought to you by's guest blogger program! Want to participate in a future call for guest posts? Read up on how to contribute, and keep an eye on the site for program announcements!

On this past St. Patrick's Day, guild members were doing the
quest chain in Hellfire that rewards you Mirren's Drinking Hat. At the time my main was doing this chain, I wasn't the connoisseur of hats that I am now. 10 and counting. Yet another reason for Blizzard to make wardrobes (urge to rant rising.) Several guild members have that hat and it provides much laughter when they pull a random brew from it. I, however, am so sorry I didn't save it. 2 gold for selling it was, at the time, a lot of money for a perpetually broke dwarf and I had a "better" hat for questing.

Yes, I know. A dwarf tossing away a drinking hat! That alone is almost sacrilegious. But sold it I did. Now, when guild members pull some brew out of their hats, I regret my decision and I'd go do the quest chain again in a heartbeat just to get that hat. I'd have to toss something from my inventory (
Archmage Vargoth's Staff maybe, or Monster Slayer's Kit, neither of which I use but are awesome in their own right) to carry it around in my bags, but I'd do it to get that hat.

How about you? Is there any quest reward that you sold or otherwise disposed of that you'd do the quest chain to get again?

I was paid $10 for this idea. I checked this thread before posting here and the comments were up to 93. Not bad for a silly idea. Several people told me how to get the hat again, by submitting what's called a "ticket" to a Game Master. I guess you're allowed a one time ever return of loot that you sold. I might do this but last year, I submitted a ticket when I accidentally sold an elephant you can ride. I suspect my "one time ever" has been used up. Oh well, I suppose nothing asked for nothing received. They can only say, "Sorry".

What I also found interesting was the comments on my last name. Technically, it's not mine but I have been "Montague" longer than I was "Thompson" so I wouldn't change it unless and until I remarried. I have submitted a couple other small articles via the SEED program. One wasn't used and I'm waiting on the other. We'll see what transpires from this.

My guild members and friends have been very excited about seeing my name in print, almost more excited than me. I think it's cool and I have to admit it was a great way to start the day.

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