Monday, September 7, 2015

More Stuff

I was looking for green thread so I can start the shirt project. I have a number of old metal tins in which I keep extra thread. They aren't organized by color. I'm not that obsessed with organization. So, I have to open each one to see what's in them. This is contents of the smaller tin.

I think it was the middle to late 1990's and Carole and I were on a fabric painting kick. There's at least two dozen bottles in here. I don't know how many are still viable. I should get rid of all of them. I'll never do this kind of craft again.

I looked at them and closed the tin. These are, perhaps, something I could sell on eBay, assuming I figure out how that works. Or I could give them away to someone who would pay for shipping costs. Right now, they are back in the tin as I work on something else. I know. I know. That's not tidying. Does it count that I cleaned the area where the tins are and wound up tossing a bunch of papers I no longer need?

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