Friday, September 18, 2015

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Everyone repeats the trope that, in grade school, middle school and, perhaps, high school English, they had to write something about what they did during their summer vacation. I don't actually remember doing that in school. Maybe it was something I have blocked from memory. "Selective Memory Retrieval" can be a very good thing, until it backfires and you can't remember where you put your car keys.

Anyway, I happened to think about this when I got home from my July visit to Carole and Larry and looked through my photos. (Warning. Extreme cuteness.)




Tobey, who is not fond of belly rubs, but loves to lie on his back, particularly in the sunshine.

Faux and Larry. This gives you some idea of how big Faux is. He's a Maine Coon. He loves having Larry scoop him up, flip him over and walk around the house like this.

Tobey. This seems to be a favored sleeping spot. 

Faux. They both like to go outside, kind of. 

Tobey will sit by the back door and meow. Then, when you open the door, do the classic, "I'm not sure I want to actually go out there" action. They aren't allowed out unsupervised and noises will, as with my girls, scare them back inside. 

But then, so will Kola. Kola lives next door. She's an outdoor cat. The neighbors tried to get her to come inside, but she's not interested in living indoors. She lives in their garage. She comes to the back or front door and looks in. There is much hissing. 

Usually, Kola is on the front porch and there, Faux and Tobey have encountered her. 

Kola chased both of them back inside. But, she made the mistake of coming in the open front door and they would have none of that and chased her back outside. 

Their house is wonderful but it's extra special that all the windows have wide sills. 

The boys love being able to sit in the windows and that the windows are long enough that they don't have to jump up on something in order to see out. 

Sooooo, what did you do on your summer vacation?

I took photos of my daughter's cats.

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  1. My windows have wide sills that the cats like :)
    We do not see many stray or neighbour cats,
    but I suspect they would not like any competition . Hahaha
    Nancy and the Kitties