Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Wuvs You

After clearing everything off the deck on Sunday which was after running a bunch of errands, you can imagine that I was rather wiped out. So, I sank into the recliner, put on some Sunday afternoon movie that looked mildly interesting, picked up my current scarf project and proceeded to crochet. Pilchard settled onto the settee across the way and Mija jumped up into the recliner next to me and settled down.

Cats have this innate ability to go from wide awake to sleep in minutes, whereas I have to toss and turn before sleep comes. I can't remember what I was watching but I had been ear scratching so my arm was at my side. I felt something and looked to my right.

This is love. I'm convinced that's a smile on her face.

She's so incredibly happy. I was achy at this point. I knew I'd done a bit too much, but aches and pains go away when you are loved like this. I reclined just a bit in the chair and the next thing I knew, it was 5 p.m. I am so very blessed to share my life with these two.

Beverage:  Berry-flavored seltzer


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  1. Cats are quite therapeutic, don't you think? Nothing relaxes me more than hanging with my boys, snoozing with the 5 of us on the coutch, surrounded by purrs and softness.