Sunday, November 3, 2013

The View's Not Bad

I had a rheumatoid arthritis appointment on Thursday which necessitated a trip to the outpatient area of the hospital. Carole was born at this place, back when it was a "T"-shaped building with the maternity wing on the top floor of one the arms of the "T". When the hospital was built, it was a small-ish building on this huge acreage. In the intervening decades since her birthday, it has morphed into this large complex, taking up almost all of the acreage the original planners had the prescience to purchase many, many years ago.

I go to the 5th floor of Outpatient. The lab, the CT scan and the ultrasound areas, places I have gone since this diagnosis, are on the first floor. All overlook this courtyard. On Thursday, a day that was pleasant but rainy, the courtyard looked like this.

I don't remember what's directly across from my position. I've never seen how to get to the courtyard because even the first floor overlooks it. This view is pretty in all seasons and, now approaching my 2nd year of life with RA, I have seen the courtyard in all seasons. There was thought given to what people saw when they looked out the windows.

Hospitals have certainly evolved. I remember my sister being sick in the 1960's and having to go to the University of Iowa hospitals for treatment, one of the most innovative hospitals in the country. We were allowed up to see her and she had a bed in a ward. Curtains were drawn around the bed for privacy. That was considered 'state of the art' in the 1960's. We wouldn't dream of that now. We recognize that light and color and a view and peace all contribute to healing.

I know the design of this courtyard is incorporated into the fees the hospital charges for services. Our health care is, as much as we might not wish to acknowledge it, a for-profit business and that business has to recoup costs, even for a maple that turns bright red in the fall.

I don't like the fact that I have reached a point where I get to see the seasons change in the courtyard of a hospital. I took care of myself. Why do I have to be at this point in my life? We'll all be there, eventually. I guess having a good, calming, peaceful view makes having to get yet another test less onerous.

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  1. Here's hoping the test has a good result and things are not worse.

  2. Thank you, Tillie and Georgia, for your good wishes. September wasn't real good so that's why I was back in October. I'm doing well now.