Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I posted this over on House Panthers, the black cat blog to which I contribute once a week. In case you don't pop over there, I'm reproducing it, with some addendums.

For these things, I am grateful.


I don't like people food. Mom can have that, except, oh man, when she brings home deli sliced turkey...

I'm thankful for food they aren't interested in.

My sister...

even if we do sit at opposite ends of the recliner.

My family, even if we're all over the Midwest and rarely get to see each other.


I'm grateful for the stuff that comes in boxes. 

Windows, where I can look out but not be out.

Ditto, especially when being out would not be pleasant. 

Places to scratch.

A place to sit with my feet up...

and a cat in my lap or next to me.

Warm places to sleep...

and peaceful places to relax. 

Best of all. I am thankful I have a home with a mom who loves me and my sister.

I wish all kittehs could sit in someone's lap and get chin scratches this Thanksgiving. Some day. Some day.

I'm grateful and thankful for friends and family who have been with me through thick and thin.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Pilchard, Mija and Deb

Beverage:  hot cocoa

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