Monday, November 11, 2013

Sort of Ready for Winter

A month ago, I was basking in the gloriousness of an autumn Sunday afternoon.

We had a marvelous time, myself and the girls, enjoying the afternoon sunshine and warmth.

A cold front is coming this way bringing rain changing to snow. I shouldn't have to shovel any of it since the next few days will be sunny and that should melt any snow that falls. But it is enough of an impetus for me to clean off the deck.

It's all put away, excepting the chairs at the lower right. I have no room in the shed so I take them to the basement and I didn't get that done yesterday. Another reason not to have so many flower pots on the deck, putting them away. Next spring, I need to restain the deck floor and the railings. The shadows make it look more gray than it really is, but I should give it another coat.

On the railing, you see the one pot I left out. That's because there are still flowers blooming in it.

Alyssum. It's quite hardy and can stand up to snows and cold and freezes. I've decided to see how long this will stay in bloom. I'm thinking, after the next 2 days with highs not out of the 30's, I'll be moving this pot into the shed, too, but, I could be wrong.

So, the flower season of 2013 has officially ended. I'm stiff and sore today from all that work but it's all put away until May of next year. Once the chairs are moved inside, the only thing on the deck will be the birdbath. Hello winter.

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