Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bring It

Okay winter, you gave us a taste on the 11th.

It was a wet, sloppy taste, but a taste nonetheless. (Nevermind that, one week later, we were cleaning up tornado damage.) I am ready for you now. I have new boots.

It took awhile to find these. If you go to department or specialty stores or even Payless web sites and type in "winter boots", you get these things with heels or suede or leather. I want snow boots. I don't want ski boots. Just find me a pair of boots I can pull on when we get 6 inches of snow, something that will keep my feet warm and not cost me both arms and part of a leg. ($185! Really?)

They tend to be the butt of jokes now and analysts have been predicting their demise for a couple years now, but I found these at JC Penney. (This link goes directly to the boots.) Over Veteran's Day weekend, there was a giant sale. Penneys sent me a percentage off coupon in honor of my birthday so I decided that a new purse and new boots were in order. The purse I got, on sale for dirt cheap when the other one failed, just wasn't working and with winter heading our way, I needed something decent. The store had boots, but not in my size. However, I was able to actually see these boots, examine the craftsmanship and decide that, yes, I wanted these.

Head to the web site. I also had a coupon for a percentage off my next online purchase. You can see from the link, these are not on sale. With my coupon, they were. They are wonderful. I got them in a wide width so I can wear a second pair of socks if I find myself shoveling this again.

I think these would be a great value even if I hadn't had a coupon. They sit by the back door, waiting.

And here is the new purse.

This is what I was looking for. On the left is the cell phone pocket. On the right is the pocket for the camera. I have pockets on the inside, too. Everything is stowed and the wallet fits neatly inside. The straps are the right length to keep the purse tucked under my arm. It all zips closed so no moisture can get inside. Best of all, when I set it down, it stays reasonably upright. It technically wasn't on sale and, given it's original price, I might not have purchased it, but with the coupon, it was a deal. As I was transferring items from one purse to the next, I discovered the lining in the $20 purse had started to tear. I would have needed to replace it anyway come spring. It went in the give away bag.

So, old man winter, I am ready for you. New coat, which is incredibly warm, new boots, new purse. Bring it. I'm ready.

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