Tuesday, November 26, 2013


It brings me great happiness to walk out of the house on the way to work and see I've had visitors. After the first snow, I think I had a raccoon come by.

I make that assumption based on the footprints by the birdbath. The longer ones are, I think, the rear feet.

I started putting out peanuts on Sunday. With the cold now settling in, I felt it was time to start supplementing the diet of the backyard denizens. Plus, when I put the peanuts on the deck railing, it's cheap entertainment for the cats.

We got another inch of snow yesterday. This morning, when I left for work, there were a lot of footprints, all squirrel.

I watched, on Sunday, as a squirrel came up to the frozen water in the birdbath and gnawed at it. You can buy birdbath heaters but I don't have an outlet on this side of the house. The dark green of the birdbath will help thaw it in the winter when the sun reaches it. I'm thinking of moving it away from that south rail so it gets more sun. I also need to get more peanuts this weekend. The squirrels were thrilled they were back.

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