Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Rubber duckie, you're the one"

If you're a certain age or have kids who watched "Sesame Street", you probably know this song by heart. No, I'm not sorry for giving you an earworm. This is much better than some I could reference.

Why this? Well, I'm not sure where my brain was meandering when rubber ducks popped into my head as Christmas presents. You all know that feeling. You're trying to think of something and your brain would rather meander down some mental road you've not been in years. I needed a cheap, silly present for a friend and my brain said, "Rubber duck". He's got some young children so it's the perfect idea.

Searching for "rubber duck" on the Internet yields thousands of hits. Some places had a minimum quantity. I don't need a dozen rubber ducks. I need one for my friend, maybe two, if a very small quantity is allowed. Almost defeated, I scanned the page of places that sell rubber ducks and there was one company, off to the side, whose name seemed to say it all; I wound up spending 90 minutes poking about in all the offerings. Man, if they don't have the duck you want, it hasn't been created yet.

My order came really fast. That's a construction duck in the middle. I hated to buy just one duck, although I could have. They had a package of 4 Christmas ducks and I have four great nieces and nephews. Sold. I don't know who will get which duck. These don't squeak but they do float. Extremely inexpensive, too. I'm impressed with the construction of the duck and the deep colors. It's not paint. It's colored plastic. I'm fairly confident these will hold up for awhile.

So now I'm thinking more people on my Christmas list need rubber ducks. Even if you never take a bath, preferring to shower, Ernie is right. "You make bath time lots of fun."

Beverage:  Berry flavored seltzer


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