Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Afternoons

I'm not sure what clicked but back in December, when my home computer died and I spent my evenings sitting in the recliner, Pilchard decided my lap was the place to be. I had wanted her to be a lap cat but she showed no inclination to do so before December.

This is her preferred position. To my left is an ottoman on which rests my stash of magazines, whatever is the current craft project (Right now, it's yarn) and a tile on which to set my current drink. The arm of the recliner is to the left, too. She stretches out, extending her right front leg and nodding off to sleep. She doesn't stretch the other direction, probably because of the arm. When she changes position, which is little more than stretching a bit and going back to sleep, I can get rear claws in the tummy. She doesn't always purr but I can tell she is contented. I will watch a movie or channel surf on TV. I have watched more TV this winter than in the past 3 years combined because who wants to awaken a sleeping cat.

What's interesting is that, come summer and shorts weather, she wants my lap but does not like the feel of skin on her pads. Hence, if I'm wearing shorts, I have to go get something to cover my lap or she won't stand, then sit, then lie down in my lap. Because she takes up the whole thing and then some, when I crochet, the current scarf goes over her. At first, she was annoyed but she's come to realize that if she wants my lap, she has to put up with it.

This has become such a ritual in our house that she "yells" at me when I don't do it. Lately, the lap time has reduced, her choice, to 30 minutes during the week. On weekends, she'll be here all afternoon if I let her. In the winter, it was nothing for us to start at 1 p.m. and end at 5 p.m. when I needed to make myself some supper. It will be interesting to see, as summer comes and warmth arrives, if this continues. There are a lot worse things to do with a weekend afternoon than allow one's cat to have your lap.

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