Saturday, April 6, 2013


It started with an email. My DSL service was going up another $3.00 per month come April. Splayed across the news have been ads for high speed internet service for less than half what I currently paid. Then, I started struggling with upload and download speeds. Chris, who helped set up the mac, commented on what he was seeing. "It's really slow," he said. I thought, "I'm paying x amount of money to sit here and, ultimately, decide I'll watch this video at work because it won't download." I have a new, fast, computer. Why is this taking so long?

Now, I am, very much, a creature of habit. I tolerate a lot of things that others wouldn't. I can adapt, very easily, to change but am not one to initiate that change. I guess that's why cats and I get along. They prefer what they have and change is quite scary to them. When forced to make that change, they adapt and move on. So, I have probably endured less than optimal internet because that means calling AT&T and changing things. Me initiating the call.

But when I had several problems with the game and with the guild web site which seemed to be directly related to the speed of my internet, I was presented with two options. Keep it as it was and endure or change and get something better. I decided to make the call.

At the end of last month, I got high-speed internet.

This is all wireless technology. There is this black thing, I assume that's the modem/router, that sits on the desk and there is a silver box that sits under the desk. I have bundled my home phone and internet into one package and saved over $100 a month. Now, I don't watch that much TV so getting improved TV service didn't make sense for me.

What has this meant, now that I've had over a week to get used to it? With my new computer, I see things more clearly. I rarely have to wait on downloads or uploads. There was no change in the phone other than the one in the kitchen no longer works and I need to think about what to do with that phone jack there. I still have the same number and didn't have to relearn voice mail settings, thank goodness.

The best thing is the reduction in my household costs. Faster service for much less money. I can get behind that.

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