Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No News For You

I think it died.

This is my digital converter box. On Monday, given the madness in Boston, I wanted to watch the news. But, every time I pushed "on" on the remote, nothing happened. Well, change the batteries in the remote. It's probably dead. Nope. Fresh batteries did nothing.

Now, I realize that any mechanical item has a finite lifespan. Add to this, our disposable society and it's probably not that far fetched to think that this has died. The TV/DvD combo still works. I watched movies over the weekend without going to the TV part.

The problem is that I'm so technologically impaired that replacing this is going to be a headache. I also don't have that coupon we got when we first had to buy one. Yes, I jiggled the cords that go into it, unplugged them and plugged it back in. Still nothing. That's why I think it died.

I'm not interested in a new TV so I don't have to mess with the converter box at all. (If you want to buy me one, I won't turn you down, but I won't buy myself one.) I don't have the money for a new TV. Basketball season is over so there is nothing that draws me to television. Oh, I would like some background noise when I'm crafting but I can use the DvD to play music. That works, too.

And, I've been trying to get the DvD to work with the remotes I have. New batteries in those still doesn't get it to work. I have to push play on the machine itself and listen to all the "Coming Attractions" instead of being able to skip over them, or watch the special features on some of the DvDs. There's something I'm not doing or, perhaps, the DvD's remote isn't what I have on the ottoman next to me.

In any case, this is a project for next month. I can get my news via the computer. I do kind of miss the weather reports, but I'll adjust and go with the "stick" method. If the stick is wet, it's raining. If the stick is frozen, it's cold. If you can't see the stick, it's foggy. If the stick is gone, you've been robbed.

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