Monday, April 1, 2013

Summer Project

With warm, sunny weather, it's time to wash all the rugs in the house. I don't like hanging them to dry in the basement as it takes many days to dry thoroughly and they can get that musty, basement smell. So, if I bring them upstairs and drape them over the bathroom shower curtain, they still take at least 24-36 hours to dry thoroughly which interferes with the next day's shower.

This weekend was our first 60 degree weekend of the year. I washed one of the living room rugs and draped it over the deck railing to dry. The non-slide backing on this rug is coming apart.

I fished a whole bunch of the backing, along with black cat hair (Can't imagine where that came from. All the hair I find, you'd think she'd be bald by now.) out of the washing machine after washing this. I pulled a lot of the loose backing off it as it hung over the deck railing.

This rug sits in front of the recliners. I swept the floor and, after it had dried, spread it out. Pilchard attacked it late last night. I never understand a cat's fascination with attacking a throw rug. It did stay in place. There's enough of the backing to keep it where I put it. She just balled up one of the corners.

There is rug backing you can buy at craft stores. I think I have some in the basement. You apply it with a paint brush to the back of your rug, let it dry and apply another coat. It does work but I will need to pry off as much of the current backing as I can. I do remember it stunk, though.

This is a project for summer when I can lay it flat on the deck, apply the backing and then let it dry between coats. Other than this, the rug is in great condition. Pilchard would agree with me.

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