Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Watched Seed Doesn't Sprout

This is the third week since the seeds were planted. The first week, I checked on them every day, adding tepid water sparingly to the fake terrarium, just enough that the sun's heat would create a nice greenhouse effect. I tapped down the water I found condensed on the top, trying to keep this little ecosystem going. I want peppers on the deck this year, please. After 10 days of daily checking and no sign of anything remotely green, I gave up. I didn't even look at it when I came in to change kitty litter.

This morning I checked and saw this.

Holy sprouts, Batman! Not only did they sprout but they are pushing the top of the container. I tapped off the water, took off the tape holding the two pieces together and opened it up.

Well, not too bad on peppers. Left to right: chocolate has one sprout with leaves. It's also got a stalk but I will be surprised if that one makes it. It's been my experience that chocolate peppers are hard to sprout. I'll be happy with one. Lilac peppers have three good ones and one spindly one. Orange has two decent sprouts. I have 5 sunflowers spread over two pots. This is okay. I'm happy with these. Now to get them stronger and sturdier to put out, I hope, around Memorial Day. 

Those flower seeds I tried didn't do very well. I guess they are beyond the point of viability. So, next year, I should look for flower seeds. I have the seeds Patt sent me last year. They are direct seeded into pots so I'm hoping the weather will be warm enough in a month to do just that. 

With 6 and maybe 8 pepper plants for the deck I need to start looking at what I will put them in. Last week, I noticed the pot by the deck steps was sprouting greenery. 

Originally, I was going to use this one for peppers. They get a lot of sun since this is the southwest corner of the deck. But, with the dianthus self-seeding, I'm going to have to consider something else. I don't remember, right now, if I have a large pot in the shed. I want to give the peppers room to spread out roots. I guess, if I have to get a large pot for them, that's what I have to do. Fresh picked peppers off the deck beginning in August is worth a $25 pot. 

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