Sunday, April 21, 2013

Next Scents

Now that all the little vials are gone, it was time to decide what the next batch of scents would be that will be used up. I started rooting around in this container where I have bottles of cologne and found these.

These are body lotion samples, accumulated over many years. I'd forgotten about them. I do like scented body lotions mainly on elbows and knees and hips. It adds just enough fragrance and softens areas that can be overly dry. These would be good to use up and a somewhat liberal application of lotion will consume them fairly quickly.

I decided to use the pink one, Beautiful by Estee Lauder, first. My mother will wear this scent on occasion. I unscrewed the cap and the stuff inside streamed out all over my hands. It had liquified between the time I got it and when I opened it. There was nothing lotiony about it. The scent was very faint, too. So, I squirted out the remnants and tossed the tube in the recycling. I honestly don't know if the plastic contained in the tube is of the recyclable kind but I tend to err on the side of "They take pretty much everything", and assume it is.

That's one way to use one up. What to wear next? I've opted to go with the one on the far left. It's called "Beyond Paradise". I noticed that, except for the large tube from Clinique, the others are all Estee Lauder products. Not sure why I have them other than they might have been handing them out as samples back when I frequented the cologne or make up sections of department stores. It smells okay. The stated goal is to use these up, not find something I can't live without.

I'm thinking, by July, I'll be looking for another set to use up. I just have to be wary of wearing overly floral scents outside. I'm not interested in being pollinated.

Beverage:  Root Beer


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