Saturday, April 6, 2013

Next Project

That's a dozen scarves. I finished the last one last night. With it being a lovely day today, I thought I'd drape them over the deck railing. That's quite a stellar bunch there.

Here they are stretched out on the bed.

Each one is earmarked for someone. No, I'm not posting the names. HA! Some of these recipients actually read the blog.

Mija got into the act as I was trying to take photos from all angles.

The bed is her territory and I was changing it so she had to check this out. 

There are several which are the same color and I lined them all up. 

Hmmm. This has potential as a design for a lap blanket or even just a throw over the bed. But I think I would start with an initial chain that was as long as I wanted the blanket to be. Then there would be no worries about matching stripes. 

This is incredibly fun. I can get one of these done in a week to 10 days. Even an hour's worth of work yield's 6-8 inches or 3-5 stripes. 

What's been interesting is that the striped scarves are all from the Team Spirit design by Red Heart. They are all 5 ounce skeins but they aren't all the same length when finished. It's a simple single and double crochet. When I first noticed this, I thought perhaps it was because I wasn't completely sure of my ability at the beginning so those scarves have a tighter crochet. No. It just seems to vary and vary widely with each skein. The variegated pink and the dark green heather are different size skeins so they will be a different length. 

Technically, I'm not done, but I'm all out of yarn. The Jeep is having some repairs done on Friday and then I can use some coupons I have from JoAnn Fabrics and buy more yarn 


I could work on a counted cross-stitch picture that's next up in the stack. These are Christmas or maybe, birthday gifts. I'm way ahead of myself this year so I could stop this and go on to something else. 

Decisions. Decisions. 

Beverage:  Seltzer water



  1. I've had multicolored yarn that changed the order of the colors on me before. Some of the quirks yarn has can be very odd. Those scarves are all very lovely.

  2. My goodness you've been busy! Love your scarves.