Friday, September 3, 2010

An anniversary.

Today is a special day. It was one year ago today that two wonderful ladies joined my household. Mija and Pilchard have been a delight after the initial month of getting to know me and the house. I have enjoyed showing them the outside, for a very few moments, and bugs and a basement and all sorts of hiding places and room for each cat to really carve out a place of her own. Wednesday night and Thursday morning, Pilchard exhibited her hunting skills and caught 2 more mice, which is not a really good thing. By the time I got to the mice, they were deceased but I still can't figure out where they are living or how they are getting in.

I have learned their personalities. Mija is my lover cat and has me trained very well. She follows me into the kitchen any time I go there and demands to know what it is that I have because she's certain it's something she wants. Beyond treats, neither one eats people food. Mija sleeps with, next to and on me. She has the loud motor and is very talkative. She's not much of a cuddler except at night and in the morning. She loves ear scratches and follows me around, mainly to see if treats are involved in what I'm doing.

Pilchard is the diva. She chases Mija through the house and starts all the fights I have to break up. She comes into the bedroom and meows when I don't get up to suit her. She has settled onto my pillows as long as I'm willing to provide scratches but she never lasts more than 5 minutes. When I am at the computer, Pilchard lies on the table next to me, periodically looking up and meowing. At night, after work, I sit down to read newspapers or a magazine and she demands my lap and scratches. She more of a cuddler than Mija although she doesn't linger beyond 10 minutes.

They dislike thunderstorms and come to me for reassurance if the weather gets wild. They both like looking out the windows and will spend a bit of time on the deck if I'm out there. I have to watch it because Pilchard will try to get off the deck. She's got a small voice and motor. It's funny to think that such a tiny "meow" comes out of such a big cat.

It's been a rough year for me. Two things that keep me going have four legs and a tail. I know I would have been more depressed had I not had these two to love. Yes, I have more scars from trying to clip Pilchard's claws. She really does not like that, but we can come to an "understanding" mainly because she can't get away. She's also got some mats that are resisting being combed out. They have both learned my footfalls on the deck and they don't run when Pam comes to feed them. They do take off when I say, "Ooooh, where are my kitties? I want some cuddles." "Nope, nope! She's got that tone in her voice. Run!"

After a long day, all I have to do to destress is spend 20 minutes giving ear, head or chin scratches. Nothing beats coming home and saying, "Where are my girls?" and having two bright faces in the living room waiting for me.

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  1. It is crazy that its been a year already, I would love to stop sometime and see them, and you of course! ~Val