Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some days, delivery is best.

After driving 4 hours from Iowa to Wheaton on Sunday evening, emptying the car, tossing a load of very muddy clothes into the washing machine, sorting the mail and doling out lots of ear scratches, the idea of supper rose to the top of my consciousness.

I was too tired to cook.

So, I review my meager finances and discovered that I could order pizza for delivery but I had to be very careful about what kind. Checking out the Domino's web site, they have a special for one large pizza with any toppings for $8.99. This is a good deal. I have had pizza for lunch for 2 days now because a large is more than enough for me and for leftovers. I had money for a tip. I don't add the tip to the debit card if I can help it. One of the drivers, when I handed him the tip, blurted out, "Oh thank you for cash for the tip. I don't have to claim it as income." Well, technically, I think he does, but I understand his sentiment. It's worth it to me to have it delivered.

I like Domino's pizza, at least the one I usually get; sausage, bacon and cheddar cheese. I think the real fun of ordering from them is

It's pretty accurate. By the time the order gets to #5, I know my pizza is about 10 minutes away. Add a beer and this is a great supper. Even Mija seemed to think so although, once given a sniff, she decided that cats really don't like pizza.

Beverage: Blackberry Sage tea


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