Monday, September 27, 2010

You gotta try this!

I'm not one to heartily endorse a product. I figure my tastes are not your tastes. But if you like tea, you might want to give this a try.

I'm not a fan of herbal teas. I want my tea to be dark and robust, although I have a green "gunpowder" tea that I like. This is not leaves. This is bark and peels and spice. Oh my is it good.

My one quibble with it is that for me to get an adequate flavor of the apples, cinnamon and cloves, I have to steep the bag for about 4 minutes. I reuse bags 3 or 4 times before I feel the leaves have given up all the tea they will and then I recycle the bags. I found that the second cup from a bag was not as strong, even letting it sit in hot water for a full 5 minutes. This is, at least for me, pretty much a one cup per bag tea. That's kind of expensive.

Still, after being rained on all day on Saturday, sitting in a tent as the temperatures hovered around 55 and enduring the rise and fall of a cold northerly breeze, a mug of this went a long way toward warming me up. I do recommend this, but be aware, you'll go through it rather fast if you like it strong. Now I need to get some cider this weekend.

Beverage: Scottish Blend tea


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