Thursday, September 23, 2010

What a way to start a morning.

So I get to sleep in this morning. I have a couple days off now and I am looking forward to some simple time without a lot of stress. I was up late last night, web surfing and talking with friends knowing the alarm was turned off. Now, Ms. Motor might wake me up but Mija knows I'll just roll over and go back to sleep. Is there anything more comforting than a purring cat?

But, at 6:25, the neighbor's dogs go nuts. I went from sound asleep to wide awake in a minute.

I have no idea what they were barking at. It doesn't matter. They bark at anything that comes within their field of vision. They have lived next door to me for 4 years and the barking has grown worse. I take my recycling to the curb, they bark. I walk back to the house, they bark. I know when the mail is delivered. I know when kids are walking to the bus stop north of my house. I walk to my car to drive off to work, they bark. They bark when I come home. When I came home at 10:30 on Monday night, after that long day at the office, they went nuts.

Now the owners of the dogs do the highly effective, "Buddha! Shut up!" form of quieting them. I know dogs bark. That's what they do to signify their territory. There is a degree of barking that can't ever be trained out of a dog. I accept that. But after 4 years of seeing me, you'd think they'd get the idea that I'm not out to get them so they don't need to bark. I'm a non-confrontational person and I don't relish the idea of approaching the neighbors because of their dogs.

Yet another reason I have cats and not dogs.

Beverage: English Breakfast tea


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