Monday, September 13, 2010

Does this take a professional?

I need some advice here.

This is the driver's side window in the Jeep. See how the zipper has "popped"? This presents a large problem. I would like to unzip the window on these lovely fall days, but I can't get the zipper to work through the pop. I've got two places on the windows where this has happened. The other side effect is that cold air and moisture comes in.

Should I take some WD40 and spray the zipper? Would that help? Any other suggestions? As the zipper has popped in two locations, should I maybe ask my mechanic for a referral to get the zipper replaced? The wipers have to come first so I'll just tough this out, but I'd like to know if someone can suggest a decent fix that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.

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