Thursday, September 9, 2010

A remnant of summer

Over Labor Day weekend, I finally made the Southern Blackberry Cobbler recipe I've had stuck to the fridge since seeing it in the paper in July. Blackberries were still available. It calls for a single crust pastry for the top. Rather than make pie crust myself, I thought I'd just buy the pie crust sticks I remember being available in the freezer at the grocery.

I couldn't find them. So, I bought a pie crust, thawed it and tried to get it to fit across the top of the pan. You can see the result was less than smooth. Do they make pie crust sticks anymore?

The end result, warmed in the microwave and topped with french vanilla ice cream was heavenly. This recipe is definitely a "keeper". I finished the last bit last night, for supper, instead of eating the hamburger and cottage fries I'd made on Tuesday. We're so busy and I'm so tired, I'm choosing convenience over cooking.

I still have some ice cream. Guess I need to look into apple crisp or cobbler to use that up.

Beverage: Water


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