Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ready for the tree.

I got the wreath out of the basement and hung it on the door. It was a mite dusty as I haven't hung it on the door since Christmas 2006. Carole and I created this wreath in 2003, I think, after deciding the wreath we'd had for the last 15-odd years was looking way too long in the tooth.

After that was done, I moved the papasan chair to the back room and dusted the floor where the tree will sit. That's "natural" de-icer you see in the photo. I get it at the pet store. It's supposed to be much kinder on the environment and on the paws of one's pets, not that mine go out at all, but when it gets dragged in. I used all but about an inch last year so got another container if it when it went on sale at the end of March. It always sits by the front door, even in July.

I dusted the insect carcasses off the bin containing the tree and moved it to where I can drag it upstairs tomorrow. It's heavy and I'm feeling tired today for some reason. I didn't want to lug it up the basement stairs and into the living room today. Pilchard is a mite confubbled as I moved the table she sits on. Both know I'm up to something but aren't sure what.

I have a postcard for Friends and Family day at Penneys tomorrow so I think I will go and see if I can check off most of the people left on my list. Then I will really feel that I have accomplished something.

Beverage: Assam tea


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