Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Day one of "Let's try to get better".

Item #1: Ear drops are terribly hard to put in yourself and make sure you get them in correctly. I have "curved" ear canals, too, I've been told.

Item #2: For some reason, this round of the infection has me dizzy. I'm hoping this is a "worse before it gets better" thing. I found myself unsure of my walking or standing several times this morning. It wasn't a falling down dizzy thing, just a momentary "Um..." As long as I'm sitting down and not moving fast, I'm okay.

Item #3: The Ceftin I'm taking tastes like chalk, or crushed limestone, or river sand or...well, you get the idea. Dissolves on impact with any part of my mouth and not even my morning Cheerios could get the taste out right away. Twice a day for 10 days. The label doesn't say I CAN'T have alcohol with this... >.>

Item #4: Way too soundly sleeping. Maybe that's not a bad thing but I may have to have a back-up plan. I slept through the radio coming on this morning. Probably something similar to #2 where I get worse until the meds really kick in.

Item #5: Cats know when you're not feeling well. Still, if she would just NOT purr when I'm trying to fall asleep or I need to find someone who can do a tune up because that is one seriously LOUD motor.

Beverage: Assam tea


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